Landlords & Tenants

Tips for Tenants
Tenants, do not be overwhelmed by the occasion to move in and then make basic mistakes before you take occupation.

Accept it for a fact, no building is perfect, neither is this rental unit you are moving into. It was so nice of the landlord to had the unit painted, but it gives you greater responsibility to keep it totally clean, because he wants it back in the same state.

Tenants it is your responsibility to make a list of all the defects BEFORE you move in, or you will also pay for the repairs of the previous tenant. The landlord is entitled to deduct all expenses for repairs from your deposit.

You have to make a complete list of all faults, defects and missing articles before you take occupation and bring it to the attention of the agent or landlord in writing.

There are many single young ladies who do not have the experience to compile such a list of defects and they end up feeding the bill of the previous tenant.

Ask GAUTENG PROPERTY  INSPECTIONS to do an investigation and give you a written report supported with photos which will ensure that you get your full deposit back.

While it is the landlord’s duty to maintain the dwelling during the lease period, it is important for the tenant to inform the landlord of the repairs and maintenance required.

The tenant may agree in writing, which could be part of the lease agreement, that he will maintain the inside and the outside of the dwelling BE AWARE.


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