Full Home Inspection

We do not evaluate the house, but INSPECT the condition and give you a comprehensive objective report.


The representative of the bank is a VALUATOR, and he will only make sure that the property is worth the mortgage amount .


Our inspection fee is not an expense, but an investment in your home.


Our inspection will include, but is not limited to:

  • Structure: Internal & external walls, windows, doors, cracks, certain safety issues, if building is done according to building regulations
  • Damp: Rising, flashings & waterproofing
  • Roof: Structure & insulation, covering, facias & barge boards, gutters & downpipes (our inspector is a certified ITC roof inspector). We check geyser installation in the roof as well as tile underlay
  • Storm water: Assess possible problems
  • Exterior: Boundary walls, parapet walls, gates, paving, driveway, apron, pool, lapa, fish pond
  • Interior: Damp, cracks, BIC’s, tiling, sanitary ware, shower enclosures, kitchen & bathroom units doors, locks, handles, leaks of sanitary ware, illegal electrical installation, gas installation. (we do not issue compliance certificates, but we will report if we notice illegal installations)
  • Building Plans:  If building plans are provided we can confirm if the property is built according to it



DID YOU KNOW? | There are different types of cracks

New buildings settle over time, and cracks will appear. Let us do a crack inspection to tell you if it is serious or not.