Estate Agent Duty

I can assist you to have more happy clients.

Adapt an “open door “ approach and invite me in to give you, the buyer and the seller an unbiased report on the condition of the property before you start to advertise it.

Defects in a property ( and no property is perfect ) will always be a contentious issue for all three parties( agent, buyer, seller)

The Estate Agent is appointed by a property seller and acts on his instructions to market and eventually sell the property.

The agent will always try to keep the buyer and the seller happy, because he will only make a sale when both parties are satisfied with the conditions.

Defects in a property (and no property is perfect) will always be a contentious issue for all three parties.(agent, buyer, seller)

The seller has the first responsibility to report and disclose all defects which he is aware of to the agent, and the agent to the buyer.

This obligation is non-negotiable, and it can be enforced by the “Consumer Protection Act” or by common law in court.

There is only one way to resolve this situation, have a full home inspection done by GAUTENG HOME INSPECTIONS, which will ensure a WIN, WIN, WIN result for all three parties.

The first step is for the buyer and the seller to agree to share the cost of the report, and nobody can be accused of any misrepresentations.


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