Buyer / Seller

BUYER, please open the door for me to look what is inside. Ask me to look behind every door and to write you a story.


It will not be easy to give the keys back after you have accepted them, so make sure that you go through the better door.


Make sure that the investment is a good one, which will not reduce in value.


Your inspection and assessment of the house could be good, but not as comprehensive as mine.


Our report is unbiased and objective which will enable you to make an informed decision.


Make your offer to purchase subject to a favourable report from GAUTENG HOME INSPECTIONS, when you do this, you can cancel the sale if we find a major defect that you are not prepared to fix.


DO NOT SIGN the Offer to Purchase before contacting us, there are 3 clauses you need to look out for in the Offer to Purchase (OTP).



The BANK is not responsible for determining the structure quality or any defects in the property.


The BANK accepts no liability for any latent or patent defects.


It is the responsibility of the client to seek appropriate independent expert advice.


Request a copy of the approved plan of the house, especially when alterations were done.


I will compare the plan with the building. Check the servitudes and building lines. If there are not approved building plans on file, we can assist in getting the plans drawn up and approved.



I am not sure if I should knock on your front door to give you a report on the condition of the property before you put it on the market?


A beautiful garden alone will not sell your property but, add my report and you will soon have a deal.


You must disclose all the defects in the house to the estate agent, who will pass it on to the potential buyer.


Do not hide defects like cracks and damp, rather point them out to the agent and the buyer.


You can be held liable for a defect which is discovered even after the property was transferred.


You are now a SELLER, but will become a BUYER after this deal.


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DID YOU KNOW? | There are different types of cracks

New buildings settle over time, and cracks will appear. Let us do a crack inspection to tell you if it is serious or not.