What are behind these doors? Happiness or sadness?
Ask us to look behind the door before you take the key.

“Gauteng Home Inspections was a life saver”

We hear this regularly after inspections we do for our clients, whether it is a Full Home Inspection, Basic Essential Inspection, Snag List Inspection, Damp, Cracks or Roof Inspection or whether we do Construction Quality Control Inspections or handle disputes.


We are the only Home Inspection company in South Africa who have 2 ITC Certified Roof Inspectors and substantial construction experience.

This sets us apart from the rest.

Our reports are not done on a template, each report is as individual as our client and the property we inspected. We tailor make our reports to what our clients require. Do not buy a house before we have done a thorough inspection for you, it is a lot cheaper than legal fees after the fact.

We don’t only point out problems with the house, but we also educate our clients on what maintenance to do, how to do it and at what intervals to do various items. It is important to us that our clients know how to look after their most expensive investment.

When doing snag lists, we are equipped to draw our client’s attention to problem which will arise in the future, due to construction errors made by the contractor. We draw your attention to the legislation, which makes it impossible for the contractor to dispute that he made mistakes. We will represent you in meetings with the NHBRC, should it come to that.

We regularly do due diligence inspections for Commercial and Industrial clients, when they buy new properties. We do maintenance inspections and assist clients in planning their maintenance.

Sectional Title complexes need to have a 10 year maintenance plan in place, and our reports not only point out the maintenance to be done, but also provides a plan with costs.

Full Home

In a FULL HOME inspection, we check everything. We start at the gate, check the boundary walls, the outside of the house, get on top of the roof and into the ceiling, open all the cupboards and flush all the toilets. You receive a detailed report with photos, explaining what is wrong and in terms of what legislation it is a problem.

Walk Through

The WALK THROUGH inspection gives the client a cost saving of 50% on the full home inspection price. We cover everything that the FULL HOME covers, but walk through the house with the client and point out all the issues. No report is done and the client must wear comfortable shoes to climb on top of the roof as well as into the ceiling.

Basic Essential

In the BASIC ESSENTIAL inspection we only check the critical items. Storm water, roof, cracks and damp. We also give you an overall impression of the house and comment on whether maintenance has been done. This is for the buyer who knows that the three big issues in a house is roof, damp and cracks, the other things are trivial.

Snag Lists

It is very important to get a comprehensive snag list done before you take occupation of your house. We have extensive construction experience and both our inspectors are ITC Certified Roof Inspectors and can advise on problems that will develop in the future because of construction errors made by the builder.

Cracks, Damp, Storm Water

If you don’t require a FULL HOME inspection, but you are only concerned about a specific problem, we tailor make your inspection. We do just CRACKS, just DAMP, just ROOF or WHATEVER ISSUE is of a concern to you.

ITC Roof Inspector

Albert van Wyk and Marisia Robus are two of only 40 ITC Certified Roof Inspectors in the country. We are the only property inspection company in South Africa who has 2 ITC Certified Roof Inspectors. We can issue a roof certificate for your new roofs.

Construction Quality Control

Nowadays contractors  build “the way they have always built”. This causes issues to develop after the 3 month snag period. We will do construction quality control inspections and authorise payments to the contractor.

Landlords & Tenants

You are only allowed to deduct money from a tenant’s deposit for damages, if an entry inspection was done. We do entry and exit inspection on residential and commercial buildings.

Commercial & Industrial

When purchasing a commercial or industrial property, it is important that you are informed about all the defects. You need to have confirmation that there are no major structural issues and that the roof is going to last a few more years. No company needs a major unplanned repair bill within the first year of buying a new building.

Sectional Title Complexes

The Sectional Title Act has changed and Body Corporate’s must have a 10 year maintenance plan in place, they are also not allowed to raise special levies for maintenance to be done, but should make provision for it with normal levies. We do maintenance inspections and draw up a 10 year maintenance plan with costs.


Do you know what maintenance to do on your house? Let us help you plan your maintenance. If you don’t do regular maintenance, the insurance company will not consider your claim. Your house will deteriorate to such an extent that certain items will have to be replaced, which is far costlier than regular maintenance.


Builders and supervisors are not as skilled as they were in the past, and when you have major issues on your house after the 3 month snag period is over, and your builder refuses to come and rectify the construction errors he has made, we will do an inspection and with our report we will be your expert witness in court. We have won numerous cases for our clients